Framework of ideas

Ideas are like schools of fish, they normally do not swim alone. It is difficult to come up with some random single great idea that can do anything significant. If you are having an idea that does not have a history nor does it belong to a framework of ideas then it is a good indication that it may not be that important.

The framework of ideas is very important for generating ideas and supporting one idea with another. If you are planning to create a business of some product that you are trying to bring to the market, you have to generate a big picture or a story in which the product line can be created and company can stay in business for a long time. Just creating a company based on a single product idea is not a good idea! Just look at the example of XBOX gaming console, the product does not exist in isolation, its a school of ideas. XBox is not only the name of the gaming machine its a platform for pushing new gaming software and advertisements to the public. Its also a portal through which people can have multi-user gaming and social experience.

The concept of framework of ideas is universal. It is helpful in science , technology , art and business. In science, group of researchers work on a framework of ideas too, for example, Neural Networks was a framework of ideas to create AI systems. The idea that computer controlled machines (robots) can assist human activities is a framework ideas.

Its non trivial to come up with an original framework of ideas.. but once you have it, it provides a great source of ideas that could occupy an individual’s lifetime or becomes company’s healthy revenue stream for decades.


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